Find a Plastic Surgeon in San Juan

Tummy tuck or abdominoplasty is a medical or cosmetic procedure that incorporates the removal of extra fat and skin from the peripheral and abdominal region. In most cases, the process is to restore weakened and separated muscles therefore changing the abdominal profile to a firmer and smoother shape. It is imperative to note that medical practitioners do not recommend the cosmetic surgery as an alternative to weight loss. It is possible to have a flat tummy without undergoing any cosmetic procedure and the procedure should be used as a last resort after dieting and exercise have failed. There are numerous factors to put into considerations these include the cost of the procedure and if your plan fits, the results are permanent and people who still consider having more babies should have it when they are done among others.

When selecting abdominoplasty San Juan plastic surgeon it is vital that you consult friends who have undergone the procedure or check online for the accreditation of the doctor as well their experience in the field. It is beneficial to have a wide pool to choose from, here you can select a surgeon you are comfortable with and will deliver your desired results. Some of the features that you consult or discuss with your doctor before the procedure include previous medical history, it is crucial to know if any of your preexisting condition if any will pose a risk in the procedure. Secondly, the possible risks and complications of the procedure, the surgeon will expound all the details about the procedure and what to expect as a result. It is important to note that the procedure can be successfully done without any major risk associated, especially with the improvement in technology and medical methods used. There are two categories of abdominoplasty the partial abdominoplasty, the partial tummy tuck involves removal of excess skin below the navel. However, for full tummy tuck it involves removal of skin below the navel and entire abdominal area.